Spanish Police Record Check Translation into English

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Spanish version

Translations of Spanish Criminal Background Checks.

We provide signed, stamped, certified translations of Spanish Criminal Background Checks into English.

These are also called:

Police Background Checks.

CRB Checks.

DBS Checks.

In Spanish these documents are simply called ‘Antecedentes Penales’.

Translations of Spanish Police Checks Valid in Britain

Our translations are valid for all British authorities and can be used for:

All legal matters.

Employment Agencies.

Job Applications.

Any situation where the criminal background check is required.

Completion time

We aim to complete your translation within one working day.

If it  is  urgent we aim to complete the work within a few hours of confirmation.

Types of Spanish Criminal Background Checks

Spanish authorities produce different criminal background checks.

Typically, this depends on whether the person is a Spanish or non-Spanish national.

Checks for non-Spanish nationals are usually accompanied by a country specific document.

A Hague Apostille is also quite frequent with all checks.

We are very familiar with all of these. 

As such, we provide each client with the perfect translation of their specific Spanish document.

New versions of the background check

There are now several versions of the Spanish Police Criminal Background Check.

A few years back Spanish authorities introduced a new DBS check.

This certificate is specific to people wanting to work with children.

Given that Spanish and British authorities tend to update and modify DBS checks, we are up to date on any new developments.

Consequently, our translation will always contain the correct terminology in English.

Increase in DBS check translations

We are receiving increasing requests for DBS translations.

This may be because more people are coming to Britain from Spain.

It may also be that people from Spain are applying for jobs where the DBS check is a requirement.

Another possibility is that a wider range of employment sectors now requests these background checks.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.


It is also important to our clients that we offer very generous discounts.

We are very happy to provide clients with no obligation exact figures. 

Here is a guide to how we calculate fees:

One client:

  • DBS check
  • Accompanying document for non-Spanish nationals (where it be the case)
  • Hague Apostille (where it is the case)
  • Signed, stamped certifications for all of these documents.

For one client alone the full fee applies.

Nonetheless our fee is very reasonable.

Two clients together (perhaps spouses):

This might be spouses or two friends together.

The first client pays the full fee but we calculate a discount for the second client.

You then can decide together how you will pay.

If that second client has less documents, we will still offer a discount.

Three clients together:

Once again, we will offer discounts for all of the documents.

Sometimes a parent might ask us to translate documents for all the family.

In such a case we offer the best discount that we can

We look forward to providing you with a professional translation service at a very reasonable price.

You might like to read more information on legal translation and the translation of all kinds of certificates.

Translation of Spanish police checks feedback

“Thank you for your generous discount for translating the 5 background checks.
Also, special thanks for completing all the work in one day.
This has been very helpful to us.

“Thank you for the translation of my Spanish DBS background check.
I did not really understand what to do about the Hague Apostille and the second DBS for non Spanish nationals.
So, I am really grateful to you for explaining it all and giving me options.”

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