Translation Spanish to English of Degree in Education Academic Record

I have completed the translation from Spanish to English of the Academic Record for a graduate of the Degree in Education from the Complutense University in Madrid.

One of the joys of academic translation is that you are always learning about new academic subjects even though you have no personal experience of those areas of study.

In this particular case my client had successfully completed a Degree in Education and needed to have the full details with grades translated into English.

It has been fun finding out a little about the degree content. Here are few examples from the syllabus:

  • Pyschology of development/learning
  • Historical and current international trends in education and culture
  • Teaching of manual and visual expression
  • Quantitative analysis in education

The list goes on and on and it is enlightening to appreciate what such graduates have needed to understand as part of their training.

In terms of grades one has to be very careful to try to accurately reflect the level the student has reached.

All in all, translating academic records is a fascinating and rewarding experience.