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Our Spanish translators

Working with the best team of decicated Spanish translators is quite natuarally crucial to our Spanish translation service.

This is because we were founded by a Spanish to English translator working in harmony with an English to Spanish translator.

In all our work it is most important to us to use only the services of genuine qualified Spanish to English and English to Spanish translators.

Although similar they are not identical and understanding their differences is important to the quality of the final translation.

Providing the appropriate Spanish translator for each client

It is essential that we select the ideal specialist translator for your particular text.

Thus, when a client asks us for a Spanish translation our first step is to discuss with our team and find a translator whose mother tongue is the same as the target language.

Let’s take an example.

Our client has a document that they need to have translated from Spanish to English.

The ideal translator will be a native English speaker who not only has very impressive qualifications and experience but also an outstanding command of the Spanish language.

Exactly the same approach is used If the text needs to be translated from English to Spanish.

Subject specific knowledge

An English Spanish translator is not simply a skilful linguist.

He or she must have subject specific knowledge.

Being an outstanding linguist is of course a first pre requisite.

But this skill must be paired with a genuine understanding of the client’s subject area.

For example, you are a Spanish sociologist and you have written a paper.

You are offering it for publication in an international journal.

One of our team spent several years teaching English in Murcia.

He gave classes at the Espinardo Campus. Several of his students were sociologists and he provided translations of their documents.

Perhaps this would be the ideal translator to help you.

How we translate your document

We prefer our Spanish translators to work in pairs.

Two people working together see more than one person in isolation.

They will collaborate and share ideas and opinions.

Working together in this way they will aim to provide you with the best possible translation.

Following their work, the finished translation will be proof read by a qualified Spanish translator to make sure that the final text reads as if it had been written originally in Spanish.

We have published an article on how to qualify as a translator and interpreter

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