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Translation of all Personal Texts

Personal translations are carried out by a translator with the necessary skills in the subject area of your text.

We translate personal documents with exactly the same care, confidentiality and meticulous attention to detail as any other type of translation.

Here is a typical personal and emotional example:

While on holiday a British person who speaks very limited Spanish meets a Spanish person who likewise does not speak English to any great extent.

Nonetheless they feel there is a connection and they want to stay in touch.

Either the Spanish person or the British will contact us asking us to provide translations of their texts that subsequently they want to use in e mails, texts or indeed letters.

We will respond to such clients with dignity and respect.

We will produce a translation that is absolutely faithful to their intention both in terms of the words they have chosen to use and most importantly the feeling that they wish to convey with those words.

There are other cases where the matter is not about affection or emotion but may nonetheless contain reference to highly personal experiences.


We know how stressful it can be for people who do not speak English to enter into correspondence over such matters as Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits or other benefits that we mention below.

Although we cannot represent people or fight their corner for them, we can provide a highly professional translation and interpreting service and take the upmost care when working in these cases.

It is not unusual for benefit claimants to be experiencing financial difficulties and for this reason we will try to provide our service pro bono whenever we can or at a very reduced fee.

We hope in this way to be helpful to our clients in times of difficulty.

We translate Spanish and English personal correspondence with entities such as County Councils, Borough Councils, Housing Associations and Trusts, Banks, Ombudsman and Police on a range of subjects which include disability allowance, carer’s allowance, housing benefit, claims and disputes and family matters.

Personal correspondence should be sent to us as electronic documents, scanned images or photocopies.

Once we have translated your document, we will return it to you by email and or by post if you wish.

Spanish Translation Service will treat your translation with the utmost confidentiality and once you have stated that you are completely satisfied with our translation, we will remove your file from our database.

If you have sent us a copy of your document by post, we will return it to you.

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