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Spanish Academic Certificates

We translate a great many academic documents every month and it is an area of work that we especially enjoy.

Because we have Spanish and British translators with experience of both education systems, we are able to ensure that our translations accurately convey your true academic attainment and endeavour.

This is important because the document that we produce for you will help you to make your plans a reality.

To do this we make sure that our translation gives a proper and full equivalence of your Spanish subjects and grades.

Additionally, if it is helpful we will produce a glossary and explanation of your grades and area of study which you can use to support your translated document.

Talk to us, tell us what you need and we will work to provide you with the best possible translation of your Spanish academic qualifications to English.

The Spanish Education System

Although the Spanish and British Education Systems are not identical the Spanish System has changed in recent years and is now more similar to the British System.

We explain below both the Spanish education system and the certificates awarded at each stage.

The Previous Spanish Education System

Primary school education began at 6 years of age and continued until 14 and was known as Educación General Básica, abbreviated to EGB.

Secondary school education ran from 14 years of age to 16. This was called Bachillerato Unificado Polivalente, abbreviated to BUP.

This course was for students wishing to follow an academic career.

More vocational studies were also offered and were called Formación Profesional, referred to simply as FP.

The Spanish system of providing Professional Training (Formación Profesional) goes back many decades and is generally very successful.

The British General Certificate of Vocational Education (GNVQ) was initiated in 1991 and abandoned in about 2000 due to its lack of success.

Due to this difference between the two education systems it may be best to consider avoiding the term GNVQ.

Alternatively, we can use the term but perhaps in consultation with our clients consider whether to provide a fuller explanation of their specific studies.

For those students wishing to follow an academic career the next stage was Curso de Orientación Universitaria or simply COU.

This would be followed by university entrance examinations known as Selectividad or examen de acceso a la universidad.

Current Spanish Education System:

The youngest or early years education is referred to as Educación Infantil and is organised in two cycles from 0 to 3 years of age and from 3 to 6 years of age.

Primary education or educación primaria runs from 6 to 12 years of age and is organised in three cycles of two years each.

Obligatory Secondary Education or Educación Secundaria Obligatoria, known as E.S.O. This is organised in four courses referred to as first, second, third and fourth of E.S.O.

This is followed by Bachillerato which provides two further years of more advanced study.

University entrance examinations are still referred to as Selectividad but follow a new model.

Certificates Awarded in the Spanish Education System

Primary Education

The certificate previously awarded at the successful completion of primary education was called Certificado de Estudios Primarios but is now called Certificado de Educación Primaria.

Secondary Education

The certificate awarded for the stage of obligatory secondary education was previously known as Título de Graduado Escolar but is now called Título de Graduado en Educación Secundaria Obligatoria.

The higher studies were awarded the Certificado de C.O.U. but now this is called Título de Bachiller.

The certificate for the successful completion of vocational courses was called Título de Formación Profesional and this title has been maintained.

Higher Education

Previously the following courses of study and accompanying certificates could be studied at University or Escuela Universitaria which is not unlike the British Polytechnique or Higher Education College.

These studies tended to be organised as three cycles.

The first cycle provided certificates known as Diplomado, Maestro, Arquitecto Técnico, Ingeniero Técnico.

The second cycle provided titles known as Licenciado, Arquitecto, Ingeniero.

The third and final cycle was the Doctorado.

The new system (from 2010) includes the following options:

A certificate called Título de Grado awarded at the end of a four- year university degree.

A masters post graduate degree of two years duration.

The Doctorado which is similar to the British Doctorate or PhD.

Other Certificates

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