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Translation of Spanish Medical Documents to English

Medical translations of Spanish medical reports and documents from Spanish doctors and hospitals are carried out by expert translators with experience of Spain’s healthcare system.

Many of our British clients have received medical treatment whilst living or on holiday in Spain, so we are used to translating the reports and documents that they will have received on discharge from hospital.

If your doctor in Britain has asked you for an English translation of your Spanish medical documents, Spanish Translation Service can help you.

The first thing we will do is to read your medical document very carefully indeed.

If we have a good grasp of the text and can help you, we will offer to go ahead.

If, however we have any doubts we will be honest up front and share our concerns with you.

Some of our clients do ask us to go ahead anyway as they just want to get a gist of what has happened.

Conversely if the translation is going to be significant in helping medical staff in Britain to make a decision on how to proceed we will be exceptionally demanding of our own knowledge and skills in translating to English.

Please contact us for a free quote or to make an enquiry

On leaving the Spanish hospital you will have been given a hospital discharge report called Informe de Alta.

You may also have received the results of blood tests or macro biological studies which might be needed back in the UK.

Please check with your doctor to ascertain which of your Spanish medical documents need to be translated as it may well be that he or she doesn’t need everything translated before examining you.

Once you know which documents need to be translated, contact us and we can help.

Spanish Translation Service will translate everything you ask us to translate and send you clear and concise translated documents in English, by post or e mail, as you prefer.

If you would like us to complete one document before another, depending on what the medical staff in the UK have advised, please feel free to contact us with the details.

We take client confidentiality very seriously and as such we do not publish translations of medical documents.

The following are examples of key words that we work with and are intended to give indication of some of the medical areas we work with.

  • Bladder cystography Roentgenographic cystography. Passive administration of radiopaque substance. Right ureteral vesicular flow.
  • Macroscopic description Membranous fragments. Open cystic formation. Multilocular cystic formation
  • Abdominal echography Lithiasis of gall bladder
  • Peripheral blood pancytopenia Tumour in the minor pelvis