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Spanish translation
Translation of Spanish Medical Documents to English

Spanish medical translation. We translate Spanish medical documents to English.

15 years of medical translation in Spain and 12 in Britain.

Translating Spanish medical reports is one of the key building blocks of our service.

On this page we present:

  • Our experience in Spanish medical translation.
  • First British Clients in Spain.
  • Spanish medical translations now.
  • Explanation of a typical Spanish hospital discharge report.
  • A short list of just a few of the medical areas we can help with.

Experience in Spanish Medical Translation

Rather than use empty marketing language we would like to tell you who we are, how we started providing medical translations in 1989 in Spain and how we can now help you.

Two of our founding members were teaching English on a private one to one basis to Spanish doctors.

Additionally, some of our team were giving English language classes to post graduate research students in the sciences at the university of Murcia.

Because of this we knew that we were developing a professional friendship with people working in medicine and who better to turn to for advice and support.

Our First British Clients

There were many thriving British owned businesses along the Costa Calida, especially at La Manga and other beach locations.

Sometimes British people felt they needed to book an appointment with their G.P. or in some cases had to go into hospital.

Often, they had not yet developed their Spanish language skills and they naturally found the situation rather daunting.

This is where we came in. Perhaps their doctor was one of our students or maybe knew one of our students.

As a result of this we built up trust between ourselves, the medics and the English- speaking patient.

Given that we were known in the region, people could ask about us.
Hopefully recommendations would be positive.
They would then contact us privately.
Alternatively, we could be found in the corridors of the university.

At that time, of course we were young, studying post graduate degrees and we were excited to have the opportunity to help.

It became very clear to us that this was something that we wanted to do and it developed into a passion.

Providing Spanish Medical Translations Now

Perhaps you have needed medical attention or been in hospital in Spain.

On leaving the hospital will have given you a hospital Discharge Report or in Spanish Informe de Alta.

The Spanish Hospital Discharge Report

Your Discharge Report will usually contain several different sections.

These may include:

  • Patient Details
  • Reason for Admission
  • Physical Examination
  • Current Illness
  • Examinations
  • Blood Tests
  • X-Ray Results
  • CT Scans
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment given
  • Recommended Treatment

If your doctor in Britain has asked you for an English translation of your Spanish medical documents, Spanish Translation Service can help you.

Please contact us for a free quote or to make an enquiry

Spanish Translation Service will send you clear and concise translated documents in English, by post or e mail, as you prefer.

We take client confidentiality very seriously and as such we do not publish translations of medical documents.

The following are examples of key words that we work with and are intended to give indication of some of the medical areas we work with.

  • Cranial MRI
  • Subcortical signal intensity
  • Encephalitis
  • Abdominal echography
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Tumour in minor pelvis
  • Peripheral blood pancytopenia
  • Lithiasis of gall bladder
  • Bladder cystography
  • Passive administration of radiopaque substance