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Literary Translation Spanish to English

We have enjoyed providing Literary translation Spanish English for more than 30 years.

Although this page provides information about our experience and qualifications, we know without any doubt that each author is unique.

Because of this we will always want to spend as much time as is necessary listening to the author and understanding before going ahead.

The author of literary texts writes with absolute dedication to their work.

It is therefore quite right to expect us to do all that is possible to show the author’s meaning and intention in our translation of their work.

Literary Translation Experience

When we say literary translation, it is perhaps natural for readers to think of great works of literature.

Actually, our work has included Poetry for Children, Creative writing for publication as e books, Personal memoirs.

Our translators have lived and worked for extended periods in Britain and Spain and South America.

They have absorbed the cultures of both countries and are familiar with the characteristics and colloquial expressions that are continuously evolving in both countries.

This means our translators have an authentic understanding of Spain and Britain.

Consequently, our translations of Spanish and English literature read as natural works that could have been written in the target language.

Equally, the translated literary text will maintain the original literary style, so that the author is still recognisable in the target language translation.

Literary Skills

Our specialist literary translators have experience of translating literature and have obtained a Spanish or English language degree with a specialisation in Spanish or English literature.

In addition, they have carried out post graduate study which will be evidenced by an M.A. Degree in Spanish or English language and literature.

We delight in understanding the humour and cultural references intrinsic in the original language.

It is important to reflect these culture specific characteristics by creating culturally meaningful equivalents in the target language. 

Translating English Fiction to Spanish: An Example

Author: Stan Barstow

I have always very much enjoyed translating literature.

Stan Barstow was an English author best known for his trilogy A Kind of Loving, The Watchers on the Shore and The Right True End.

His other works such as The Desperados, Joby and B Movie have often been studied at secondary school and university.

Barstow, the son of a miner set several of his books in his native Yorkshire.

There are several challenges or as I would say delights in trying to translate his work into Spanish.

Barstow used the Yorkshire dialect in almost all of his fiction.

I believed that looking for a Spanish equivalent dialect was probably not a good idea.

There are several reasons for this:

Firstly, there is no comparable Spanish dialect.

Secondly as many Yorkshire folk may well tell us there is no comparable culture.

Thirdly although the works are usually set in Yorkshire or follow Yorkshire people to other locations, nonetheless the stories are universally meaningful.

That is to say the story enchants anyone from any country.

Hence if you require Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation of a work of literature, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements.