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Literary Translation Spanish to English

Literary translations are carried out by translators with a real passion for literature.


Our translators have lived and worked for extended periods in Britain and Spain.

They have absorbed the cultures of both countries and are familiar with the characteristics and colloquial expressions that are continuously evolving in both countries.

This means our translators have an authentic understanding of Spain and Britain and our translations of Spanish and English literature read as natural works that could have been written in the target language.

Equally, the translated literary text will maintain the original literary style, so that the author is still recognisable in the target language translation.


Our specialist literary translators have experience of translating literature and have obtained a Spanish or English language degree with a specialisation in Spanish or English literature.

In addition, they have carried out post graduate study which will be evidenced by an MA in Spanish or English language and literature.

We delight in understanding the humour and cultural references intrinsic in the original language and reflect this by creating culturally meaningful equivalents in the target language. 

Hence if you require Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation of a work of literature, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements.