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Spanish Legal Translation

We have provided a Spanish Legal translation service to English since 1989.

Consequently, we have the necessary experience to accurate, precise legal translations.

Certified Spanish Legal Translation

Our legal translations of Spanish documents to English are accepted by all British Authorities.

Our legal translations include a signed, stamped certification.

We explain the purpose of this at our Certification page.

Briefly, the certification attests to the validity of the translation.

Examples of Legal documents.

We translate a very long list of Spanish legal documents.

Below are a few examples of the types of legal documents we regularly translate from Spanish to English.

  • Deed of Sale (Escritura de Compraventa)
  • Property Register (Registro de la Propiedad)
  • Power of Attorney (Poder Notarial/ Poder de Representación)
  • Deed of Variation
  • Articles of Association
  • Contracts
  • Birth Certificate (Partida de Nacimiento)
  • Marriage Certificate (Acta de Matrimonio/ Partida de Matrimonio/ Libro de Familia)
  • Civil Union Marital Status (Pareja de Hecho)
  • Single status certificate
  • Divorce Certificate/ Decree Absolute (Sentencia de Divorcio Firme/Definitiva)
  • Care and Custody of children, marital, extra-marital
  • Death Certificate (Partida de Defunción/ Fe de Obito/ Acta de Defunción)
  • Wills
  • National Identity Document (D.N.I.)
  • Certificates of Naturalisation
  • Municipal Registration Certificate (Certificado de Empadronamiento)
  • Change of name
  • Police Reports: thefts, assault
  • Court Cases, Court judgements
  • Spanish Police Background Check (Antecedentes Penales)
  • Hague Apostille

Spanish Marriage Documents Translation

When people marry in Spain, the standard evidencing document is the Libro de Familia or Family Book.

However, British authorities also request translation of the Marriage Certificate.

The act of marriage, whether civil or canonical is recorded at the Spanish Civil Registry.

Our translation fees for these marriage documents are quite modest.

Therefore, typically we translate both the Marriage Certificate and the Family Book.

Spanish Translation of Multiple Legal Documents

Quite often, clients request translations of multiple Spanish legal documents.

Typically, these will include:

  • All birth certificates for the adults and children.
  • Marriage Certificates.
  • Spanish Family Book.
  • Police Background Checks (DBS)

Additionally, they often need translations of Spanish Academic certificates.

Due to the high number of documents, we offer generous discounts.

Spanish legal terms to English

Legal language is rather different to standard language.

Spanish legal documents contain legal terminology, idiosyncrasies and complex concepts.

As such, they may be difficult to understand.

We do understand the complexities of Spanish legal language.

Consequently, we can find the equivalent and accurate English term.

Thus, our English translation conveys all of the information in the original Spanish legal document.

Although we must use comparable legal terms, the final translation is as understandable as possible.

Feedback from a Spanish family

This family relocated to Britain and needed our translation service.

Thank you so much.
We were panicking because we had to provide all these translations urgently.
Your rapid professional service solved that problem.
We also want to thank you for the discount which was very helpful to us.

Contacting us

If you don’t see your document type in the list above, please contact us as we will be able to help.

Spanish Translation Service will always handle your Spanish legal translation with accuracy and confidentiality.

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