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Spanish translation

Journalistic Translations Spanish to English

We provide Journalistic translation Spanish to English for:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • On line articles
  • Social media

How we work with journalists

There are essentially two typical situations.

Spanish journalists sometimes request the translation into English of their text.

This is so that they can then provide their articles to English language media.

Another case is where a British publication wants to understand a piece of Spanish journalistic writing.

In either case we believe that it is important to discuss the project carefully.

Our clients may want an exact translation.

Equally they may want a summary of the key points.

If we feel that there is a good understanding, we then can commit to translating the article

Given that we are professional linguists we will understand the meaning simply by studying the text.

However, the text is always very important to the author, editor and publisher.

As such we feel a full discussion is never a bad idea.

We do not need to agree with or even like the content.

That is irrelevant.

What we want to do is to make sure that the ideas in the original are perfectly conveyed in the target language.

Cultural differences in Spanish and English journalistic translation.

Of course, Spain and Britain are not the same countries.

The cultures are not identical.

Because of this our task is not simply linguistic.

Understanding the cultural differences is essential for understanding the purpose of the writing.

All our journalistic translations are produced with these principals in mind.

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