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Spanish Translation in the Field of Education

We provide Spanish translation in the field of Education.

Spanish educational researchers often speak and write English very well.

As such they habitually approach us to proof read the papers they have written in English.

Frequently Spanish education researchers publish their papers in specialist journals.

They understand the editorial publication requirements of said journals perfectly.

However, they ask us to carefully check their work.

By working with our clients, we develop a text in English that we feel will be accepted.

Because this is so important, we are very keen to discuss the project with our client as much as is necessary to achieve the perfect solution.

Translation of Spanish Research Papers

In order to facilitate and support the communication between educationalists especially at teacher training institutions in Spain and Britain we provide Spanish English translations of research papers as well as communications via e-mail which focus on areas such as class management and innovative methodology.

Many if not most careers and advancements in jobs in Spain are at the very least aided by obtaining an advanced qualification in the English language.

Spanish people feel that if they can communicate in English, they will succeed better academically and in business.

Not exclusively with speakers of English as a first language but with anyone from any country given the prominence of the English language in the business world.

Spanish academics do indeed achieve very competent levels of English.

Thus, they can read texts in English and publish their own research papers in English for international journals.

Spanish Translation within Spain

As a result of this, translation from Spanish to English or English to Spanish has been prevalent in Spain for some time.

Indeed, translation degrees are frequently offered in Spanish universities, notably the universities of Granada and Alicante.

Consequently the Spanish state offers high quality language teaching within the ‘Escuela Oficial de Idiomas’, which has branches in almost every major and second town in Spain.

English is very present in the school timetable and degree subjects, where the inclusion of the study of the English language is the norm.

In fact, English is compulsory both in secondary school education and for the university entrance test.

Furthermore, private academies, which are often owned and run by British natives, are present practically everywhere in Spain.

Such educational institutions offer a variety of English language courses.

Classes range from primary education through secondary and above. 

Examination preparation lessons and specific needs tuition are also popular.

Spanish Translation Service continues to provide invaluable Spanish English translation and proofreading support to educationalists in Spain and Britain so that they can share their expertise and experience.

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