Certified translation

Certified translation is also known as legalised, notarised or sworn translation and is charged at 10.00 GBP per document.

That is to say:

If your translated document has a fee of say for example £40.00 there will then be an additional £10.00 if you need to have a signed, stamped certification of that document. So the total fee will then be £50.00.

However we look for ways to provide discounts so if for example you need the translation of  more than one document we will apply a discount.

The following explanation refers to the legal situation in the UK. We supply a separate service with one of our Spanish sworn translators (Traductor jurado) for documentation required within Spain.

Is a Spanish Certified Translation necessary?

Do you need a certified translation? If so this text explains what is available, how it helps you and most importantly how to keep the cost down.

Have you heard the terms certified translation, sworn translation, notarised translation and legalised translation?

In Britain certified translations are sometimes required for legal matters which may involve court cases in some instances.

Spanish Translation Service provides certified translations for all eventualities.

What is a Certified Translation?

In the UK a certified translation is a translation that is accompanied by a signed, stamped declaration from the translator attesting to the accuracy and authenticity of the translation.

Many of our clients need to have Spanish documents translated into English and the organisations requiring such translations sometimes also require that the translation be certified.

This is a very simple straightforward service which we are happy to offer at a very reasonable price.

In some cases, however, there may be a requirement that the translation should be sworn before a Notary Public. Effectively the translator makes the same written declaration as the certification but then, in addition, swears this declaration before the Notary Public. This is sometimes called a sworn translation or a notarised translation.

The term legalised translation is not really relevant in the UK. Translation and the certification of translation are not regulated in law in the UK.
The closest that we come to this is the sworn translation before a notary public as explained above.

Once you are sure you need a certified translation we think it is good to understand what that means and what effect it has.

Because in the UK there is no legal regulation of the certification of translated documents in theory anyone can offer a certified translation service.

The reality is that responsible organisations, whether governmental or otherwise have their own guidelines with regards to which translators they deem to be sufficiently qualified to provide certified translations.

British governmental and non- governmental organisations usually consider any of the following valid for the purpose of certified translations.

Translations carried out by the embassy of the country of the original language text. The Spanish Embassy may well not offer translations services but they may be able to suggest other entities that could help.

These might typically be:

The Chartered Institute of Linguists.

We are members of this Institute and this is typically seen as more than sufficient to provide a certified Spanish translation.

However the organisation that is asking you to obtain a certified translation may also consider that a long standing translation company such as ours has the professional standards to satisfy their requirements.

Our long standing professional Spanish translation service together with our membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists has always made it possible for us to provide Spanish Certified Translations.