Certified translation

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Signed, Stamped, Certified translations Spanish to English

We provide certified translations.
These are signed and stamped.

Our certified translations are valid for and accepted by all British authorities.
You can use our certified translations for all legal matters, job applications and academic purposes.

The term certified translation in Britain.

This is equivalent to the Spanish term ‘traducción jurada’.
We explain this in greater detail further down the page.

  • Accepted by all British authorities.
  • Documents from any Spanish speaking country to British English U.K.
  • Translations of all types of documents.
  • Spanish Castilian to English.
  • Spanish Catalan to English

Certified Translation Examples

Legal: birth, marriage, divorce, death, custody, power of attorney, police background check, Hague Apostille

Employment: letters of recommendation, employment records, curriculum vitae

Academic: certificates, academic records, professional training courses, state and private education


Most of the documents that we translate are from Spain.

Nonetheless, each month we are very happy to provide translations of academic and legal documents from many Spanish speaking countries.

Recently these have included: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela.

Over the years we have also translated documents from Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Whichever Spanish speaking country you come from we are equally happy to help you.

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How our certified translation helps you

Many of our clients are coming to Britain from Spain or other Spanish speaking countries.

They are asked to provide official translations to English of their Spanish documents.

We provide a signed, stamped declaration attesting to the accuracy and authenticity of the translation.

We comply with the British Government Requirements on Certifying a Translation.

Please follow the link and scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

Ignore certifying a document which is completely different.

At the end you will see the regulations on certifying a translation.

Typical requests for certified translations

At this time, we are providing many translations of academic certificates.

There are many Spanish people who are already in Britain and who need to get their various legal, Spanish school and university grades and certificates translated into English.

Often, this is because they have decided to enrol in a course of study at a British university or other academic institution or professional training centre.

Whichever it is we provide the appropriate translation for each situation.

Clarification of terminology

We know that there can be some confusion about the U.K. requirements on official translations.

Because of this we provide below information on the terms: Certified, Sworn, Notarised and Legalised.

Certified Translation

In reality this is the only kind of official translation that you will need here in Britain.

We produce your translation from Spanish to English and then we attest to the accuracy of the translation in our signed, stamped certification.

Sworn Translation

In Spanish this is known as ‘Traducción Jurada’ and in Spanish law this can only be provided by a State registered Sworn Translator called Traductora Jurada or Traductor Jurado.

This does not exist in the U.K.

Translation is not governed by law in the same way as it is in Spain.

It is perfectly natural that out Spanish clients approach us requesting this kind of translation but we are happy to clarify the British Government requirements as in the link above.

Notarised or Legalised Translation

This is indeed possible in the U.K. but it is extremely rare.

In this case the translator first produces the translation and then takes it to a Notary Public who checks the translator’s identity.

The translator then signs the certified translation in the presence of the Notary.

We are always very happy to respond to any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the type of certification that you need.

Repeat certified translation

Sometimes our clients come back to us a year or two later.

They may need a totally new translation.

However, they may simply need a re issue of a previous translation.

Although there is now a legal requirement to keep certified translations we have always done so.

We keep your translation off line under lock and key. Nonetheless we can access it if necessary.

We have provided these translations for more than 30 years with 100% client satisfaction.

Our long- standing professional Spanish translation service means that we provide Certified translations with absolute confidence of their acceptance by all British authorities and entities.