Translation cost

Spanish Translation Cost

Naturally we would like to give you the exact Spanish translation cost Spanish to English for your documents.

Although we would like to be able to give you an exact quote here once we see your document, we can provide you with an exact translation cost Spanish to English.

Translation Cost for Spanish to English

These fees are very approximate.

They may be more or less.

Here is a typical example:

One- page Spanish Police Background check: £20.00

Signed stamped certification of the translation: £10.00

Total: £30.00

However sometimes the police background check is accompanied by a Hague Apostille.

Most of the Apostille is already in several languages but unfortunately clients usually need to have the specific data translated.

Translation of Hague Apostille: £10.00

Signed stamped certification of the translation: £10.00

Total: £20.00

For non- Spanish nationals the check is usually accompanied with a nationality specific document.

Translation of non- Spanish national document: £20.00

Signed stamped certification of the translation: £10.00

Total: £30.00

As you can see if you need translations of all three of these documents with signed stamped certifications it will come to £80.00.

For most people that is not so good.

Because of this we will calculate a discount for you.

Please note: We always look for ways to give you a discount.

One Page University Certificate: £20.00

Academic Record of subjects and grades (1 or more pages): Starting at £20.00

One Page Police Background Check: £20.00

Hague Apostille: £10.00

Birth Certificate, usually 2 pages: £20.00 to £40.00

Marriage Certificate typically 2 pages: £20.00 to £40.00

Signed, stamped certification: £10.00 (If required)

Client Question on Translation Costs

If I have a police check, a university certificate, an academic grades document and a birth certificate will the translation cost be £100.00.?

Our reply:

Absolutely not!

If you ask us for the translation of so many documents at the same time of course we will be very happy to offer you a discount.

Translation Cost for long documents

So many factors influence how we calculate our translation fees.

In the past we simply published our translation costs as x amount per word or per 1000 words.

We do not feel this is practical any more.

Now we look at each case and try to work out the best price we can.

Discounts on our translation costs

We try to find ways to give you a discount.

So, for example there is always a discount if you ask us to translate more than one document at the same time.

Another reason for a discount is repeated text.

If you the client, ask us to translate your work and then some weeks later you contact us again asking for a second translation of very similar text, as we already understand your work we will be in a better position to work faster and thus offer you a reduced fee.

Please contact us so that we can discuss the text fully with you and agree a price.