Tales of The Three Mongol Queens by Cristina Bertrand

Translation from Spanish to English of The Tales of The Three Mongol Queens

by Cristina Bertrand

I have recently completed the translation from Spanish to English of Tales of The Three Mongol Queens by Cristina Bertrand.

I have felt especially involved in these tales.

When you translate you translate for the client.

I hope that you enjoy this brief comment of the inspiring work of this Spanish author. Perhaps you might also enjoy our specific page on Literary Translation.

That is to say you think about what they want, about providing the client with a service.

Certainly that is what I set out to do but very quickly something somehow changed.

The characters in this work of fiction became real to me; their events became important to me.

I wanted to help tell their story in the English language.

It is strange because all the time you know that you are translating a fiction created by your client yet that fiction becomes a reality and it becomes important to do what I can to help those fictional characters have an existence which is a reality.

The work is available as an e book in both Spanish and English and as soon as I have the publication details I will add them here.

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