Spanish Translation Autopsy Reports

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Spanish Translation Autopsy Reports

Spanish Translation Autopsy Reports. In this article we explain our Spanish autopsy reports translation service.

We provide our autopsy translation service where someone has passed in Spain.

The person may be British or Spanish or indeed from any country.

Given that the person passes in Spain all pertinent documents are in Spanish.

The nature of the passing will determine the number and complexity of documents.

Translation of death from natural causes

In this case the documents are all medical.

These may be a preliminary autopsy report followed by a full autopsy report.

Defining what amounts to natural causes is not so straightforward.

Or at least it does not seem to be clearly defined.

Generally, naturally causes includes death as a consequence of an internal illness.

Translation of a violent death

These do not necessarily relate to a violent crime.

In Spain a traffic accident is recorded as a violent death.

Such reports are distressing to translate.

In such cases the following documents are usual

Police report

Forensic Physician report

Preliminary autopsy report

Full autopsy report

The translation work in such cases is both medical and legal.

Certifying autopsy report translations

We accompany all autopsy translations with a signed, stamped certification.

Spanish Translation Autopsy Reports Fees

Clients often need translation of several documents.

Therefore, we offer discounts for translations of several documents together.

Where only one document is initially available, we still offer a discount.

We recalculate the fees when clients have all necessary documents.

Contact us

Please contact us by e mail or phone.

All details are at the contact page.

This is a very difficult time indeed.

We aim to keep calm and highly professional at all times.

We hope you will not interpret that as a cold response.

To avoid adding to your burden we focus on providing our translation service.