Spanish Police Record Check Translation into English


Spanish version

I have recently been very busy with Spanish Police Record Check Translation into English.

In Spanish, these are known as Antecedentes Penales and in English they are known as CRB checks.

I am glad to say that for all my clients nothing has been found in criminal history which is always pleasing, of course.

New versions of these documents

There are now several versions of the Spanish Police Check. I can report that I am always up to date on any new developments in these documents.

This is important because my clients want to know that I am always aware of any changes and that my translation will always show the correct version and terminology in English.


It is also important to my clients that I offer very generous discounts.

I am very happy to provide clients with no obligation exact figures. 

I do not publish the exact fees here to avoid correspondence with other professionals who may have higher fees.

My obligation is to always try to help my clients.

Here is a general guide of how I calculate the discount.

One client:

  • CRB check
  • Accompanying document for non-Spanish nationals (where it is the case)
  • Hague Apostille (where it is the case)
  • Signed, stamped certifications for all of these documents.

The full fee applies but will be low in any case which is especially important because even one client with one document will receive preferential treatment.

Two clients together (perhaps spouses):

The first client pays the full fee but for the second client The Hague Apostille and the relevant signed, stamped certification are both free.

If that second client does not have any other documents apart from the one CRB check I will still calculate a discount on that one document.

Three clients together:

If there are accompanying documents these and the certifications will be free.

If there are no accompanying documents then all three clients will receive a discount for the three CRB checks together.

In conclusion and expressed quite simply I want to help people and the more work you give me the greater discount I want to give you.