Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation

Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation

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In this article I will discuss Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation.

We receive requests every week for translation of marriage certificates.

Consequently, we have a great deal of experience in this area and can offer a very reasonable fee for marriage certificate translation.

However, this does not mean that we consider this area or work to be any less important than our other larger projects.

Nowadays, with Brexit it is increasingly important for people to be able to provide perfect accurate translations of their documents as evidence of their marital status.

Content and style of Spanish marriage certificates

The Spanish marriage certificates are often very similar but not identical.

Therefore, we are very precise and most careful to get all details correct.

The certificate tends to be presented on two pages.

Most of the information is on the first page.

The second page is a declaration that the marriage has been registered at the Notary.

In most cases there is an addition in the left margin of the first page.

Typically, this explains that a family book has also been issued.

Typically, but not always, each line of data on the first page starts with code numbers in brackets.

Again we are most careful because the numbers do vary depending on the data.

For instance the numbers relating to the Spanish national identity document or to a passport from another country are different.

Where the marriage certificate has been issued in an autonomous community with its own language, sections of the document are in two languages, Castilian and the Community language.

For example, Catalunya, Valencia, The Basque Country and Galicia.

There are of course other formats.

Some of the older Spanish marriage certificates do not have the numbers in brackets on the left.

Likewise, such documents may have less data and it may be presented in a different order to the newer versions.

Marriage certificates from South American countries

In the case of marriage certificates from South American countries these are entirely different.

Each South American country has its own unique format.

So, it becomes clear that the translation of Spanish Marriage Certificates is a matter of upmost importance.

Accompanying documents

We frequently find that separate to the marriage certificate itself there is an accompanying Hague Apostille.

This is a standard document and we translate it at a very low price.

Finalising the translation

Once we have completed the translation of the certificate and any accompanying documents, we provide the signed, stamped certification that we use to attest to the accuracy of our translation service.