Spanish Freelance Translator Jobs

Spanish Freelance Translator Jobs

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Spanish Freelance Translator Jobs.
In this article we provide information for Spanish Freelance Translators who are looking for jobs.

If you are a Spanish Freelance Translator and you are looking for work, we may be able to help.

At present, with the Covid situation all work is remote, rather than in the office.

Likewise, we conduct interviews using video conferencing.

Subject specific knowledge

We are always especially interested to know what you really enjoy and are good at.

You do not have to be good at everything.
It can make more sense to focus on those areas where you feel confident.

Spanish Freelance Translator Qualifications

You may be surprised at how open minded we are.

Naturally, we respect graduate and post graduate translation qualifications.

We have all studied and gained either a first degree or M.A degree in translation and interpreting or both.

However, because we are translators, we know that there are other ways to become highly skilled at translation.

Working with us

There are essentially two different ways in which we can work together.

Option one: We ask you to complete a translation for us.

You will need to provide us with a valid invoice and we will pay you promptly.

Option two: Very rarely a client may approach us with a project that we do not cover.

However, the project may fit into your specific field of expertise.
We would normally simply ask you if you would like us to pass your contact details to the client.
If you agree, it is your business and we are no longer involved.

If this situation should be repeated and become quite frequent, we ask you to pay us a small fee for providing you with the job.

Spanish Freelance Translator Job applications

By all means send us your C.V.

However, it would be good to know a little more about your translation and language interests.
This helps us to get a more complete and accurate understanding of your skills.
Such complete information makes you more memorable to us.
This in turn means that it is more likely that we can match work opportunities to your skills.