Spanish Fashion Industry Translation

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Spanish Fashion Industry Translation

Spanish Fashion Industry Translation.
I provide translation and language support for the fashion industry.

Most of my clients want me to help with appropriate text for reaching the target customers.
However there is also a need for translation of information about design and production.

Fashion is highly competitive.
Therefore, the language support has to be really useful.

I think that it helps if you have a genuine respect for fashion.
A bit of a passion does no harm.

Early interest in the Spanish Fashion Industry

My father worked in the textile industry in Barcelona.

He was involved in both the design of textiles and in presenting these to the fashion houses.
At that time the textile was considered the essential building block of the garment.

The fashion houses were very demanding.
They need exactly the right piece of cloth for each garment.
The weave, weight and drape all had to work together perfectly.

At that time the material for a dress shirt would be quite different to that for a casual shirt.

Likewise skirts and dresses were entirely different.
One type of textile will drop from the shoulders in a long cascade.
That might be the choice for an evening dress.
However, a skirt may need a greater stiffness to hold its shape.
Again, tight fitting or loose will determine the selection of textile.

Translating fashion industry terminology

Fashion has its own terminology.
This includes vocabulary related to the textiles and manufacturing.
Likewise, each fashion house has its own specific way of describing their clothes.

Therefore, the key to my work is to understand perfectly what the fashion designer is saying.

Once I understand their true meaning I can provide the appropriate translation.

Fashion Industry Language Support

There are a range of ways in which I provide language support to the fashion industry.

Written communication between fashion house and retailer.

Creating publicity material.

Online and offline advertising.

Television and radio campaigns.

Getting in touch

I know that we are going to need to speak at some length. Perhaps send me an e mail in the first instance.
We can then follow up with telephone and video conferencing.