Spanish Divorce Translation

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Spanish Divorce Translation

Spanish Divorce Translation. Translation of all Spanish Divorce documents to English. Petitions for Divorce. Final Decrees. Child custody arrangements. Marriages and Civil partnerships.

In this article we discuss how we can help with the translation of divorce documents from Spanish to English.

No two divorces are identical. Your situation is unique to you.
Therefore we listen to you carefully to understand how we can best help.

Sometimes it can all be fairly straightforward.
For example, where the divorce is by mutual agreement.
Likewise if there are no claims on assets, property or living arrangements there is less to understand in the resulting documents.

However, that is not always the case.
There are cases where divorce documents can be rather long and contain a considerable amount of information.
This may be because the divorce has not been by mutual agreement and has not been blameless.
Needless to say, sorting out all the paperwork can be distressing for the parties involved.

We want to assure you, our client that we are here no to comment and certainly not to judge.
Our job it to provide you with the best possible translation of your documents.

Child custody in Spanish divorces

Child custody, of course is a whole area in its own right.
The regulations that are decreed are usually rather complex.
Sadly, this is an area where it is very rare for all people involved to be equally pleased with the imposed conditions.

Typically, these documents will explain:

  • Sole or Joint Custody
  • Visiting times and arrangements
  • Holiday periods
  • Taking the children abroad
  • Maintenance payments

We are very careful to get these facts correct in translation.
The same could be said of any translation.
However, when children are involved, nothing is too much.

Civil Partnerships and separations

We are receiving increasing requests for the translation of Civil Partnerships and the termination of such relationships.

This is probably because more and more people in Spain are considering a Civil Partnership as a valid alternative to the traditional marriage.

Whatever the reasons, these documents have exactly the same validity in law as others.