Spanish Degree Certificate Primary Education Translated to English

I have just completed the translation from Spanish to English of a degree certificate and academic record for a Spanish primary school teacher.

I was astonished, if not a little shocked by the number of documents that this primary school teacher needed to have translated into English so that she could apply for a job here in Britain.

Therefore, one of my main concerns was how to get the price down as low as possible for her.

Translations were required of everything that she had studied and in great detail.

Not just the certificates but also the academic record which yes, I am accustomed to translating but then the syllabus of her university degree.

Really, really?

I did ask her several times to check carefully that there was no mistake and that all these Spanish documents really did need to be translated into English.

Having established what needed to be done I was able to work out a non- urgent completion date together with a very discounted price for the translations and of course free signed, stamped certifications.

From my previous experience of translating these kinds of documents I know that my work will definitely be helpful to her and that she will have the necessary English translations of her Spanish academic documents to then be in a position to apply for work here in the U.K.

I just hope that the whole venture of moving to England from Spain works out well for her and that she finds the life that she wants.