Spanish Tuition

Spanish Classes for Adults

I give Spanish classes for adults online and with stringent Covid protection in person.

For my online Spanish classes I can use Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

This will depend upon your preference and which service works best with your Internet connection.

As I am based between Aylesbury and Bicester and as such can offer in person classes within one- hour drive from my home.

Whichever system we can discuss your interest and aims.

Nothing is set in stone.

I have always enjoyed building my teaching around student interests.

My experience teaching Spanish Classes for Adults

At first, I honed my teaching skills in Spain as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

I worked primarily in the private sector.

This gave me a very strong awareness of student needs.

I developed my classes to help my students to gain the skills and confidence that were so important to them.

This encouraged me to qualify in Spain as a teacher of Spanish for secondary schools.

With this Spanish post graduate degree, I was awarded Qualified Teacher Status in Britain.

Having taught Spanish in Spain I then did likewise in English Secondary schools and state adult education.

Now, I love giving private tuition.

My Spanish teacher qualifications

Name: Tomas Jimenez Pulido

B.A. Humanities. Major Spanish

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Spanish Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching Spanish Language and Literature 11 to 19.

M.A. Translation and Interpreting.

Perhaps I can help you

Spanish Classes for adults designed for you

I am very student centred because over the years I have found that this gives the best results.

We can design our classes in such a way as to be useful to you.

Your needs might be to develop speaking skills but equally you may enjoy all listening, writing and reading activities.

Certainly, I can advise and suggest a way forward but ultimately your focus is your choice.

If you want to focus on speaking skills I can help.

Conversely if you feel more comfortable having a book to work from, I can recommend one.

My Spanish tuition classes are for individuals and groups at very reasonable prices.

Please contact us to discuss Spanish tuition in greater detail.