Spanish Tuition

Spanish Tutor Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire

I am a Spanish tutor and obtained the official state Spanish qualification for teaching Spanish.

After years in secondary and adult education I now give Spanish classes for adults online and in person.

In person Spanish tuition

I am based in Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire. I teach in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire at the following towns and surrounding villages:

Buckinghamshire: Amersham, Aylesbury, Buckingham, Beaconsfield, Chesham, Milton Keynes.

Hertfordshire: Tring, Berkhamsted, St. Albans, Hemel Hempstead.

Oxfordshire: Oxford, Thame Banbury, Bicester.

Online Spanish tuition

For my online Spanish classes I can use Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

This will depend upon your preference and which service works best with your Internet connection.

Spanish Tuition Fees

In person tuition is £17.00 for one student for one hour.

I can discuss small group fees if this is practical.

Online tuition is £10.00.

My Spanish Language Students

I work with a wide range of students.

Here are some examples:

People, in work or retired who visit Spain regularly.

Students studying for examinations.

University students who want to discuss their papers.
Often these students just want to test out ideas.

People who already speak Spanish but want to maintain or improve their skills.

The Spanish lessons can be one to one or in small groups.

They can be for fun or because you have a specific interest and need for Spanish tuition.

The Spanish language learner

Very early on in my teaching career I saw that not all language learners work in the same way.

Some people are fast and energetic.

Others prefer to take their time.

Therefore, my first step is to get to know what works best for you.

Quite apart from the pace of the Spanish classes you may well have other preferences.

Some people really like to use a text book.

It gives a kind of sense of organisation and shall we say security.

But that isn’t right for everyone.

You may already have quite an advanced Spanish level.

So, you might be looking to develop your speaking and listening skills.

You may find certain sections of a text book useful or but equally you may find other sources to be more inspiring.

What this all means is that I feel I have to get to know your learning style.

I can then use my teaching experience to help you to develop your skills.

The Four Spanish Language Skills 

The four skills are usually defined as: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Some language teachers have a fixed approach to teaching the four skills.

I am more open minded.

Some of my students want to focus on speaking and listening.

They feel that they can best acquire Spanish language by listening and repeating.

Conversely, other students feel that they have to see the word written down first before they can attempt to say it.

Likewise, some students of Spanish like to analyse the written language first.

They want to work out what it all means first.

Once they understand how Spanish language is put together and differs from English, they feel they can speak.

Because of these individual learning differences I like to tailor my approach individually.

Online Spanish Tuition

The present situation means that most Spanish tuition is moving online.

Personally, I do not think it is ideal but it is what we have for now.

I find that Zoom works quite well.

But if you prefer another system such as Skype, I can do that too.

In person Spanish Classes

There are a few ways to make this possible.

In the current situation I offer Spanish garden classes.

This depends on lockdown laws and regulations of course.

If we get a great spring and summer, we can have sunny Spanish lessons in my garden.

In some cases, I can travel to you and perhaps you might consider Spanish classes in your garden.

One to one individual Spanish classes

Some of my Spanish learners find that they need one to one classes.

They know what is important to them and want the classes to be very focussed.

If this is your case, I will try to make sure the classes are very useful to you without being overwhelming.

Spanish Group Classes

Some students find that working in a small group is ideal for them.

If people already know each other or meet and get along well groups Spanish classes can be useful and fun.

A group can be just two together or perhaps as many as six.

When I taught in adult education classes sometimes were as large as twenty participants.

That can be alright if there is a very large room.

Additionally, such classes need to have a very pre – set plan and teaching materials.

Most of my private students prefer not more than six maximum.

Class Duration

I teach Spanish in 1- hour sessions.

However, some of my groups prefer to book two hours. 

Spanish Tuition Frequency

This is a very personal choice.

Some people are sure that they need a class every week.

Every two weeks is also quite popular.

Words from my students

I can’t thank you enough.
As you know I had been struggling.
Now I feel so much more confident to speak real Spanish.
Anne B Aylesbury

Now I can indeed understand Spanish movies without sub titles.
Peter J Tring

My experience teaching Spanish Classes for Adults

I qualified in Spain as a teacher of Spanish Language and Literature.

This was aimed at secondary school Spanish teaching. 

Nonetheless I also taught Spanish as a foreign language to adults.

In Britain I tried secondary school teaching.

I found that I prefer teaching Spanish to adults.

Spanish classes in adult education

I have taught Spanish to adults for State Adult Learning.

Adult Community Education AEC Spanish Courses. Milton Keynes Council.

I delivered Spanish language courses for Milton Keynes Adult Community Education.

I gave the classes at two locations.

These were Cofferidge Close in Stony Stratford and a school at the top of H2.

Oxfordshire Adult Learning Spanish Courses

I gave Spanish classes for Oxfordshire Adult Learning.

The classes were at Lord Williams School in Thame and at a School in Bicester.

I absolutely loved working with adult Spanish learners.

All of my class participants were highly motivated.
They were also relaxed happy people who enjoyed learning or improving their Spanish.

I developed my classes to help my students to gain the skills and confidence that were so important to them.

Now, I love providing private Spanish tuition.

My Spanish teacher qualifications

Name: Tomas Jimenez Pulido

B.A. Humanities. Major Spanish

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Spanish Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching Spanish Language and Literature 11 to 19. QTS Qualified Teacher Status.

M.A. Translation and Interpreting.

Perhaps I can help you

Spanish Classes for adults designed for you

I am very student centred because over the years I have found that this gives the best results.

We can design our classes in such a way as to be useful to you.

Your needs might be to develop speaking skills but equally you may enjoy all listening, writing and reading activities.

Certainly, I can advise and suggest a way forward but ultimately your focus is your choice.

If you want to focus on speaking skills I can help.

Conversely if you feel more comfortable having a book to work from, I can recommend one.

My Spanish tuition classes are for individuals and groups at very reasonable prices.

Getting in touch

I hope the above article on Spanish classes for adults has been informative.

Naturally, you will have your own specific questions.

Please contact us to discuss Spanish tuition in greater detail.