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Spanish Tutor Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire

I am a Spanish tutor and obtained the official Spanish state qualification for teaching Spanish.
After years teaching in secondary and adult education, I now provide Spanish tuition to adults.

My name is Tomás Jiménez Pulido.

I will give more information on my qualifications and experience lower down the page.

Spanish Class Locations

I am based in Waddesdon,  Buckinghamshire. I teach in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire at the following towns and surrounding villages:

Buckinghamshire: Amersham, Aylesbury, Buckingham, Beaconsfield, Chesham, Milton Keynes.

Hertfordshire: Tring, Berkhamsted, St. Albans, Hemel Hempstead.

Oxfordshire: Oxford, Thame Banbury, Bicester.

Spanish Tuition Fees

In person tuition is £20.00 for one student for one hour.

I can discuss small group fees if this is practical.

Online tuition is £15.00. per hour.

Class Duration

Typically, my students find that 1 hour is ideal.

Of course, it can be shorter or longer depending on your own specific preferences.

Spanish Tuition Frequency

Again, this must suit your timetable.

Typically, my students like to book a class once a week.

However, that is not always practical due to other responsibilities.

Due to this, we plan our classes in a very flexible way.

One to one individual Spanish classes

The majority of my students prefer to take individual one to one classes.
In this way I can prepare each class exactly to their level and taking into account their specific learning styles.

Spanish group classes

Sometimes small groups classes can work very well.

This is particularly the case when the students already know one another.

They might be friends or perhaps a couple who enjoy studying Spanish together.

Thus, a group of 2, 4 or even 6 students can work well.

However, I would never impose this upon my Spanish students.

We always discuss what would work best.

My Spanish Language Students

I work with a wide range of students.

Here are some examples:

  • People, in work or retired who visit Spain regularly.
  • Business people who need to acquire some Spanish language skills in preparation for trips to any Spanish speaking country.
  • Students studying for examinations.
  • University students who want to discuss their papers.
    Often these students just want to test out ideas.
  • People who already speak Spanish but want to maintain or improve their skills.

Each person has their own reasons for wanting to speak Spanish.

It may be business reasons but equally it may be to enjoy communicating in Spanish while on holiday.

Spanish Tuition that suits your learning style.

Very early on in my teaching career I saw that not all language learners learn in the same way.

Some people are fast and energetic.

Others prefer to take their time.

Therefore, my first step is to understand what works best for you.

For example, you may feel security in having a text book and generally speaking I think that is a good idea.

However, you may already have quite an advanced level of Spanish.

So, you might be keen to develop your listening and speaking skills.

Sometimes students have very specific reasons for seeking Spanish tuition.

For example, you may be keen to develop vocabulary and language that is specific to your occupation.

Because of these important individual learning styles and needs I aim to provide student centred classes that work well for you.

Introducing myself

I am Tomás Jiménez Pulido and I teach Spanish in Britain.

My academic qualifications

I qualified in Spain as a secondary school teacher of Spanish Language and Literature.

The Spanish qualification is called: ‘Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica’.

Separately, I obtained an M.A. degree in Translation and Interpreting Spanish and English.

My experience teaching Spanish language.

I started my teaching career in Spain in secondary education.

However, very soon I also taught Spanish to people who had come to live in Spain.
Many of those students were British people who had moved to Spain and wanted to develop their Spanish language skills.

When I moved to Britain the British authorities recognised my Spanish teaching qualification and gave me Qualified Teacher Status.

Subsequently, I taught Spanish in both secondary and adult education.

Teaching in adult education, also known as continuing education.

I have very much enjoyed teaching Spanish to adults in Britain.

My students have been exceptionally motivated and very pleasant to teach.

Oxfordshire Adult Learning Spanish Courses

I gave Spanish classes for Oxfordshire Adult Learning.

The classes were at Lord Williams School in Thame and at a school in Bicester.

Adult Community Education AEC Spanish Courses Milton Keynes.

I delivered Spanish language courses for Milton Keynes Adult Community Education.

I taught at two locations. These were Cofferidge Close in Stony Stratford and a school in central Milton Keynes.

Words from my students

Thank you very much for the Spanish tuition. Before coming to you I was struggling and feeling that I was not progressing. Now I feel much more confident and am quite happy to speak with Spanish people.
Anne B Aylesbury

Thank you for all your teaching. I am enjoying watching Spanish movies and not needing the subtitles.
Peter J Tring

Spanish Language Books

For information and comments on teaching and learning materials please see my other post: Spanish Language Books

A Very Successful Recent Student

I have had the pleasure of teaching a new student for 12 weeks.

The experience has been very positive and as such I would like to make some comments here.

This particular student needed Spanish skills for a business trip to a Spanish speaking country.

Although this business person would be supported by professional interpreters, they nonetheless wanted sufficient Spanish to have a degree of independence.

To this end we chose the 15 minute a day 12 week course book that I discuss above.

Naturally, I have also supported the classes with materials that I have produced specifically for this student.

The student is a very good learner.

Particularly they knew exactly which questions they needed to ask at each point.

This in turn provided a deeper understanding of each language element.

Getting in touch

I hope the above article on Spanish classes for adults has been informative.

Naturally, you will have your own specific questions.

Please contact us to discuss Spanish tuition in greater detail.