Reasons for teaching Spanish

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Reasons for teaching Spanish

From time to time people ask me about my reasons for teaching Spanish.

They know that I am a translator and have no pressing reason to teach Spanish in addition to translating.

So, they feel curiosity to know why I give time to teaching Spanish.

I am pleased to discuss my motivations and joy in teaching Spanish.

Originally a teacher of Spanish in Spain

Originally, I was a teacher of Spanish in Spain and was qualified to teach 11 to 19 secondary school.

The truth is that first and foremost I was an educator.

That is to say teaching language seems almost innate in me, although there may well be no such thing as an innate teacher.

I like working with people and feel great satisfaction as I see them achieve their goals.

Now a teacher of Spanish in England

Shortly after graduating with an M.A. in translation and interpreting I moved to England.

Working in translation as my prime occupation would allow me greater freedom to organise my timetable and to support relatives.

I missed teaching dreadfully but realised that if I were to teach Spanish in a school that would impose an inflexible timetable.

The solution very clearly was to teach privately.

By doing this I can agree class times with my students and thus arrange my timetable.

Those are the practical reasons.

The joy of helping people speak Spanish

I realise that the above does rather give the impression that teaching is purely pragmatic.

No, actually that is not the case.

I do in fact derive great satisfaction from teaching Spanish.

Cultured people study Spanish

I am not sure if I will be unpopular for saying this but I find that cultured people study Spanish.

Firstly, I very carefully define what I mean by cultured.

Cultured does not wealthy or posh, although they may indeed be both.

What I guess I am trying to say is that I meet intelligent interesting people when I teach Spanish.