Post Editing and Proof Reading

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We provide both post editing and proof reading

They are not always exactly the same thing.

Proof reading is when we read and comment on a text that was originally written in either Spanish or English.

Post editing is when we read and comment on a text that has been translated from Spanish to English for example.

In practice what this means is as follows for each case:

Proof reading

A person whose first language is Spanish writes a text in English. Often it is very good.

If that is the case, we do not have to spend a long time on the text and can quickly respond with either a confirmation that the text is fine as it is and does not need any editing or in some cases, perhaps we can offer to make some small changes.

When we do this, we want to offer as lower fee as we can.

We know that sometimes the person who writes in their second language does so not only because this is something that they enjoy but also to economise.

Post Editing

A text for example was written in Spanish and then translated into English.

The client wants us to study and comment on the English translation.

This is a little more complex than proof reading.

We need to carefully study and understand the original text.

Only once we fully understand the meaning and purpose of the text can we comment of how it has been translated.

This is going to take longer and the fee is going to be higher.

Having said that once again we will try to make our fees as reasonable as possible for our clients.

Getting in touch

Please contact us to discuss your post editing or proof reading requirements.