Online Spanish Translation Service

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Online Spanish Translation Service

In this article I am going to discuss our online Spanish translation service.

It is all quite simple and straightforward.

Here is how the online Spanish translation service works.

First stage your enquiry for online Spanish translation

If you understand that you need a Spanish translation please get in touch.

Some clients prefer to send us a simple e mail.

If this is your case could you perhaps provide as much information as possible.

Typically, this would be: type of document, which authority or other organisation is requesting the translation, when you need to completed translation.

Needless to say, please do not feel that you have to give more information that you wish at this early stage.

Our reason for asking is so that we can decide how best we can help.

If your document is academic for example, we will definitely be able to help.

Legal, scientific and medical are such broad fields that we will need to have sufficient information to respond helpfully.

Some of our clients like to attach their documents with their first e mail.

We can receive most file types. Often our clients send scans in PDF’s or images of their documents.

This is entirely your choice.

Second stage our online service response

We will respond to your initial enquiry.

If you have not sent your document we will still give you as much information as possible about how we can best help. 

Once you do send your document, we will read it carefully.

This is to ensure that we can provide a perfect translation.

We will reply and provide a quote and timescale for our online Spanish translation service.

Third stage working on your document

If you confirm that you would like us to proceed, we will normally start immediately.

We will not usually contact you while we are working on your Spanish translation.

Nonetheless please do contact us at any time for an update.

We are more than happy to let you know how your translation is progressing.

Fourth stage delivering your finished translation 

Once we have finished your translation, we will send it to you as a PDF.

If you prefer another file format please do let us know.

Some of our clients provide their document as Power Point presentations.

Online Spanish translation certifications

We provide signed, stamped certifications of our translations when required.

Traditionally such certifications are hard copies.

That is to say printed paper.

This is so that the translator’s signature in their own hand is clearly present on the document.

Recently authorities and other entities are satisfied with digital versions.

Thus, we produce the printed version and scan it.

We send you the scan as a PDF.