Literature Translation English to Spanish: On the Cusp of Gorgeous

It was some while back when an American author asked me to translate his work: “On the Cusp of Gorgeous”

Sometimes as a translator you get to translate something very beautiful, something special, something that reminds you why you decided to study to put the long hours into gaining your M.A. in Translation and Interpreting when you were already working long hours and bringing up a young family.

This work of fiction or more accurately this observation of life around and life unfolding is developed on a train journey from Quito, Ecuador.

In the very first paragraph the author explains that “there is magic in a train”. Well, that sense of magic stays with us right through the work.

Written from the perceptions of a grandfather we board the train and watch how he describes the train journey, what is seen from the window, what is seen inside the carriages but crucially what is yet to be seen visually.

For this work is also about feelings and emotions and the pure joy of a man surrounded by his family: his children, his grandchildren, his wife and her parents.

He tells us about the people on the train and those who we see through the windows of the train and he does this with passion but careful not to be over stated; there is nothing gratuitously over emotional about the writing.

In fact, the emotion is what we get to feel as a reaction to the skilful writing.

I am not one to say that I find something to be wonrdeful if I do not; I do not feel that I need to please people or engineer a way to make myself likeable to them.

Simply put I enjoyed reading this work much more than several books by certain celebrated authors and for me it was a joy and a privilege to translate it from English to Spanish.