Law Degree Academic Record Translation Spanish to English

I have completed the translation from Spanish to English of a Law Degree Academic Record.

That is to say not just the one- page graduation certificate that the student receives but additionally all of the details of the syllabus of that law degree.

I have helped law graduates several times so there was not a not that was completely new but you do have to be careful because in my experience degrees in law in different universities and different countries are not identical.

Furthermore, such courses of study develop and change as the world in which we live develops and changes and such changes become important to law practitioners.

Of course, there are so many different kinds of law anyway in each country and I have to find a real equivalent from one language to another.

In this respect I think legal translators have to be very careful.

Certainly, we acquire subject specific knowledge over the years but we are not lawyers or solicitors and we do not write the laws or have a say in how those laws are written except for in very exceptional cases where a translator is also a law maker.

There are of course translators who are also lawyers or put another way people who have worked in law and then decided to also translate or to have a change of career and leave law practice in favour of translation.

I got to thinking about how my legal translation is helpful and to whom.

Obviously to the Spanish law graduate who is looking for employment in Britain but hopefully also to those people who have perhaps lived in Spain and on returning to Britain need help with matters that they wish to address.

While it is true that I myself translate legal documents for these kinds of clients I think it must be very useful to have a solicitor practicing in Britain who has studied in Spain and as such is most familiar with Spanish law.