Law Degree Academic Record Translation Spanish to English

Translation Spanish Law Degree.

I have completed the translation of a Spanish law degree academic record.

This was for a Spanish law graduate who needed translation of:

The one-page certificate.

All of the details of the courses taken within that degree.

My understanding is that the Spanish qualified lawyer was seeking work here in Britain.

Considerations when translating Spanish law degrees

I have helped law graduates several times with official certified translations of their degrees so this project was not completely new.

Nonetheless one needs to be very careful and not make assumptions.

Spanish law degrees are not all identical.

Undergraduates choose specific subject options according to their particular interests.

At the same time each university offers its own focus on the study of law.

Thus, as laws are modified, the corresponding degrees are updated to reflect those changes.

Consequently, the graduating lawyers are up to date with the current legal situation.

Equivalence between Spanish and English legal systems.

Spanish and English legal systems are not identical.

Therefore, this presents a challenge when translating legal terminology.

Furthermore, such courses of study develop and change as the world in which we live develops and changes and such changes become important to law practitioners.

Of course, there are so many different kinds of law anyway in each country and I have to find a real equivalence from one language to another.

In this respect I think legal translators have to be very careful.

The Spanish to English Legal Translator

On the one hand, over the years I have acquired specific familiarity and knowledge of legal language.

Conversely, we are very clear that we are not lawyers.

As such we are never too proud to discuss the text with our lawyer clients to ensure a perfect understanding of their studies.

There are of course translators.

That is to say people who have worked in a law environment and subsequently offer legal specific translation services.

I got to thinking about how my legal translation is helpful and to whom.

Obviously for the Spanish law graduate who is looking for employment in Britain.
Also of course for people who have lived in Spain.
On returning to Britain they may need help with legal matters.

Although I translate legal documents having a Spanish lawyer qualified in Britain is no bad thing.

Translation Spanish Law Degree Feedback

Here is some feedback on my translation of a Spanish law degree.

Thank you for taking so much time on my translation.
I liked that you kept checking back with me.
Your questions indicated that you were seeking perfection in translation.

Getting in touch to discuss your law degree translation

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