Hong Kong Reflections On The Bay Promenade

Reflections of the Bay Promenade

Hong Kong Reflections On The Bay Promenade is a collection of 10 creative but fact inspired short works by the Spanish author Cristina Bertrand.

Cristina asked me to create the translation from Spanish to English as she was very satisfied with my earlier translation of her work The Three Mongol Queens.

In reflections Cristina looks at the Hong Kong Bay: its people, boats and buildings.

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Is light alive?

Can buildings have feelings?

When your boat goes to the wrong destination can that be so much fun that you want to recreate it?

What fragrances are in the Bay?

How dare a light be naked?

In this light hearted and yet emotional work Bertrand’s inner eye is triggered into observation of feelings by her external organs of sight.

She sees the Hong Kong Bay Promenade and immediately this lights up her imagination.

It is absolutely right that her book is extensively illustrated with the photos that show the points of inspiration.

As  translator I have to try to see as she sees and tell you the people reading in the  English language what Bertrand is seeing.

At first it is quite simple. Despite her extraordinary imagination Cristina writes with absolute clarity; she gives her story to her readers. They do not have to struggle to receive her message.

As I worked on the translation there were moments of struggle for me.

I became involved with what is going on and emotionally moved.

I had to make sure at all times that I did not re write Cristina’s work from my own excitement.

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