English to Spanish Translation

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In this article I will discuss English to Spanish translation.

English to Spanish translation requirements are on the increase and it is perhaps not altogether surprising.

The situation in the past

In the past the responsibility was on Spanish speakers to acquire competent English languages skills both in business and academic environments.

Recently there is a slight change in emphasis.

Speakers of English and other languages are learning Spanish. This is particularly the case in certain business sectors.

I think that there is a feeling that communicating in Spanish will develop positive business relationships.

There was perhaps a time when there was a general perception that English was the business language of the world.

At that time Spanish people felt that they had to communicate in English to reach out to the world.

I remember that just about all academics and all people in business considered English a priority.

English classes were provided for undergraduates on most degrees.

Graduates considered English language skills a passport to employment and success.

This still is true to a certain extent and Spanish to English translation is still important.

Current Spanish translation trends

Nonetheless we are seeing a rise in requests for English to Spanish translation.

These tend to come from businesses and individuals who feel that they want to communicate with Spanish speaking enterprises.

Thus, I can say that I notice that people in Britain want to approach people in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

Once again this is not entirely surprising.

Spain, for instance, has gone through a considerable modernisation and Spanish companies are increasingly competitive.

There is an interest in selling to Spanish speaking countries.

Consequently, there are more requests for professional English to Spanish translation. 

Looking to the future

When looking to the future I hope that this trend will continue.

Naturally one could argue that it would be in my best interest.

As a translator I need people to need my services. That is true but it is not the whole story.

Just as I am more than happy living and working in Britain Spain is of course still my passion.

Therefore, every day I enjoy watching Spain become more competitive in every field.

In my childhood we tended to think of Spain as the poor relative in terms of business and industry.

That has all changed and very much for the better.

Spanish people are now very much citizens of the world and do provide highly skilled professional services in many sectors.

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