English Classes Online and In Person

English Classes Online and In Person

I provide English classes online and in person.

In this article I will explain these two different options.

Online English Classes

The option of online classes is provided anywhere in the world.

You need an Internet connection and Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

For these classes I use two screens.

You can see me on the main computer screen.

The second screen is useful to show written information.

It works a little like a white board.

We can also open chat in case we need to write something

In Person English Classes

If you prefer in person classes that is also perfectly possible.

I live in England in the region of Buckinghamshire.

Therefore, I teach in person classes in Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire in addition, of course to my own region of Buckinghamshire.

English classes preparation

If you do not like to prepare in advance that is perfectly alright.

You may prefer to be spontaneous.

However, if you find class preparation helpful, I can suggest some ideas.

Teaching materials

You might be surprised at just how many things can be used.

I will discuss a few here.

Text books and other published language learning aids.

My personal opinion is that text books are very good indeed.

The authors are usually very experienced English as a Foreign Language teachers.

They have great passion for this subject.

Furthermore, they have extensive experience and are self- critical.

This translates into very useful publications.

Language on every – day objects

Sometimes when we study English we forget that we are experiencing English on every day objects.

Have a look around the bathroom and kitchen.

Do you understand the text printed on all items?

Maybe you do not need to or then again maybe you do.

Teaching under Covid

If it is legal for us to meet face to face, we must always do this in a very safe environment. 

Most importantly, we will use an open place with social distancing.

Although we will need to wear face coverings, we will still be able to speak and listen perfectly.

My Students

Most students who contact me are very serious.

They need to reach English levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 etc.

Naturally if you do not need to focus on these levels, I am still very happy to help you.

My classes are for everyone.

The Teaching Method

Most students feel most happy to use a book for the English classes.

In this respect the following English language book is very popular:

English For Everyone Course Book

With free online audio

Published by www.dk.com

You can find this book typically at W H Smiths.

If you have a different book please tell me.

My English teaching qualifications and experience

My academic qualifications are:

B.A. Humanities (Hons.), London

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Cambridge

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Certificado de Aptitud Pedagogica), Spain

M.A. Translation and Interpreting, Spain

I have been teaching English for more than 20 years in Spain and England.

My students come from every country.

Therefore, although I know Spanish people very well, I am always very happy to teach students from all countries.

Prices for the classes

The first class online or in person is always free.

Thereafter, I charge £10.00 for 45 minutes online classes and £20.00 for 60 minutes in person classes.

Most students find that 45 minutes online or 60 minutes in person are ideal.

The in- person class is more expensive because it is longer and I have to drive to you.

Getting in touch

I understand that this can be difficult for you.

If you do not speak English it feels difficult to know how to communicate.

Please do not worry.

Perhaps you can send me a very simple e mail.

But if you prefer to telephone that is also perfect.

Please use my contact page to communicate with me.