Certified Translation

Table of Contents

Signed, Stamped, Certified Translation

We provide signed, stamped, certified translations that are valid for all British authorities.

Translations that require certification

Not all translations require certification.

However, translations of official documents of any kind will always need to be accompanied by a signed, stamped certification.

Typical examples are:

Any legal document

Documents related to birth, marriage, divorce, death

Criminal background checks

All school and university certificates and transcripts of grades

Medical documents if requested by insurance companies or for court cases

Reasons for certifying a translation

British authorities require that the translation be provided by a competent professional translator.

A competent and professional translator is expected to provide an accurate translation of the original document.

This should give the client and the requesting authority peace of mind that.

The understanding is that the translation will faithfully show all the data from the original document.

Timescale for completing a certified translation

This will depend on the length of the translation.

We aim to complete one-page certificates in one full working day.

However, long legal documents for example, will take longer. 

In all cases we study your document and provide you with an estimated completion time.

Delivery of the certified translation

Increasingly authorities are accepting digital documents.

Because of this we typically deliver your translation to you as a PDF attached to the e mail.

However, sometimes authorities prefer the traditional printed document.

In both cases we sign the certification in our hand.