Catalan to English Translation

Catalan to English Translation

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Catalan to English translation service. Recently we have translated school certificates from primary to secondary for a client who studied in Barcelona, Catalunya.

School certificates and lists of subjects with grades are very similar between Castilian and Catalan.

Because of this we are confident that this is an area where we can provide a perfectly accurate translation.

Our clients are very helpful and although we already know all of the terms and vocabulary it is very good that we can always check with them.

Catalan to English Legal documents

We do provide Catalan to English translation of some legal documents.

These especially include birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates.

Additionally, we translate the Catalan Police Background check.

Please do feel free to contact us either by e mail or if you prefer informally to discuss your project.

Catalan and Castilian Spanish

Although we are not experts in the Catalan language we are nonetheless very competent to translate certain documents.

Most academic certificates are issued on both Catalan and Castilian.

Thus, in fact we are only translating Castilian as it is present on the document.

The final translation has exactly the same validity as an academic certificate only in Castilian Spanish.

The academic record showing subjects and grades is a little more complex.

However, the syllabus in Catalunya and other regions of Spain is very similar.

As such, we are very comfortable translating the vast majority of academic school and university documents from Catalunya, previously known as Cataluña.

Official Certification

We provide exactly a Signed, Stamped Certification to accompany your translation.

Perhaps you might like to read more about this at our Certified Translation page.

Getting in touch

If you do need translation to English of any of the above documents, please do contact us.

We will discuss your documents honestly with you.

If we can provide a perfect translation, we will offer an attractive fee.

Naturally you have no obligations and you can accept or decline as you prefer.