La Tertulia y la Sobremesa


The official definition and explanation of the origin of the tertulia is that like minded people would get together in the casino or local bar and have quite intelligent conversation related to literature and poetry over delicious coffee.

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Spanish False Friends


Some words in the Spanish and English languages sound so similar that one may think that they have the same meaning.

Usually they do not have the same meaning and as these words can cause confusion they are known as false friends.

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20 Aniversario de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Cartagena

En las Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas se imparten clases, en su mayoría, de inglés y más recientemente de español, además de muchos otros idiomas en toda la geografía española.

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Spanish Language Teaching in the UK.


The teaching of Spanish language and indeed Spanish culture has in recent years achieved a prominent place in the British education system.
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How to Qualify as a Translator and Interpreter


Translating and Interpreting is a serious business and as such to qualify as a Translator and Interpreter requires passing an examination.

There was a time when some people believed that anyone who could speak a language could also translate from and into that language.
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English to Spanish Translation


English to Spanish translation requirements are on the increase and it is perhaps not altogether surprising.
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The Importance of Medical Translation


Medical translation is crucial worldwide and recently there is an example of just how important it is in the Spanish language.

Recently Spanish doctors at the Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona have performed the first total face transplant in the world. Read More→

21 years providing a Spanish Translation Service


21 years ago in May 1989 we were a group of 5 university graduates discussing how to develop a Spanish translation service. Read More→