Literature Translation English to Spanish: On the Cusp of Gorgeous

It was some while back when an American author asked me to translate his work: “On the Cusp of Gorgeous”

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Translation Spanish to English of Degree in Education Academic Record

I have completed the translation from Spanish to English of the Academic Record for a graduate of the Degree in Education from the Complutense University in Madrid.

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Law Degree Academic Record Translation Spanish to English

I have completed the translation from Spanish to English of a Law Degree Academic Record.

That is to say not just the one- page graduation certificate that the student receives but additionally all of the details of the syllabus of that law degree.

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Spanish Degree Certificate Primary Education Translated to English

I have just completed the translation from Spanish to English of a degree certificate and academic record for a Spanish primary school teacher.

I was astonished, if not a little shocked by the number of documents that this primary school teacher needed to have translated into English so that she could apply for a job here in Britain.

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Research Paper on Autism Translated English to Spanish

I have just finished the translation from English to Spanish of a research paper on certain aspects of Autism.

I have a personal interest in the subject.

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Flamenco Translated to English

Is it possible to really translate flamenco to English?

Certainly the words can be translated but will they make sense and more importantly will they convey the same meaning and message that they convey in the original Spanish.

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Academic Translation Spanish to English

We translate all Spanish academic documents to English for British authorities.

We provide signed, stamped certifications of our translations and these comply with British Home Office regulations.

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Translate to Mother Tongue or Not

The consensus of opinion among translators is that you should always translate back into your mother tongue.

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Academic Equivalence Spain/UK

Academic Equivalence is provided by NARIC (National Academic Recognition and Information Centre).

Recently a client approached me and asked me if I could provide Academic Equivalence for his qualifications gained in Spain.

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Traducción al inglés de Antecedentes Penales


En inglés

Estamos traduciendo el Certificado de Antecedentes Penales al inglés cada vez con mas frecuencia.

Puede ser en parte porque estamos todavía en estas fechas en el comienzo del año académico y llegan personas de España o de otros países de habla española que necesitan la traducción de este documento entre otros.

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