Free Spanish Translations

Free Spanish Translations

We do sometimes provide Spanish translations completely free of charge.

This is also known as working Pro Bono.

We tend to associate the idea of Pro Bono work with solicitors who undertake work for their clients free of charge although in fact anyone can offer this service.

In our case we decide for ourselves when we feel that we want to provide our translation service for free.

This can be for charities, individuals and other entities.

We do not invite people to request this; rather we offer our free translation when we feel it is something that we want to do.

The last time we did this was for an individual.

We knew of a Spanish person who was returning to Spain because they could not find the money at all to translate their Spanish documents into English.

This person already had a job offer but could not provide the necessary translated documents and as such could not go ahead with the offer or indeed any other employment possibility.

We asked them for their documents and provided the translation pro bono.

The person could then take the job, remain in Britain and build a future.

One of the joys of translation is that it can make an important and very positive difference to a person’s life. For more information on our translations please read our FAQ.

South American Spanish to English

South American Spanish to English

From time to time people ask us if we translate documents from South American Countries to English.

The answer is that yes, we do several of these kinds of translation every week.

There are plenty of people who are either from South American countries or have lived in one of the countries in that continent and on arriving in Britain would like to have their documents translated.

Over the years we must have translated just about any kind of document from the Americas.

Often these are academic records or birth and marriage documents as well as employment letters.

If you have any kind of document at all from any Spanish speaking country do feel free to contact us simply to discuss what you need so that we can offer our best fee and timescale with of course no obligation whatsoever.

Accuracy in Translation

Accuracy in translation

My moto is pretty much: add nothing, remove nothing, be absolutely faithful to the original text.

This entry is going to be about some of the crazy things I have heard over the years about translation.

This is not a serious post. It is meant to be fun and I hope you enjoy.

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Post Editing and Proof Reading

We provide both post editing and proof reading

They are not always exactly the same thing.

Proof reading is when we read and comment on a text that was originally written in either Spanish or English.

Post editing is when we read and comment on a text that has been translated from Spanish to English for example.

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Hong Kong Reflections On The Bay Promenade

Hong Kong Reflections On The Bay Promenade is a collection of 10 creative but fact inspired short works by the Spanish author Cristina Bertrand.

Cristina asked me to create the translation from Spanish to English as she was very satisfied with my earlier translation of her work The Three Mongol Queens.

In reflections Cristina looks at the Hong Kong Bay: its people, boats and buildings.

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