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Spanish Translation Advertising Marketing

Spanish Translation Advertising Marketing

In this article I will discuss my Spanish Translation Advertising Marketing service.

I provide Spanish translations of advertising and marketing material to a number of sectors including:

Holiday Resorts

Spanish Golf Clubs


Art Galleries

Cultural Centres

Tourist Boards

Music Events

Travel Companies

Spanish Translation Advertising Marketing origins

My interest in Spanish translation of advertising and marketing starts in about 1989.

At that time there was a huge interest in Spanish holiday resorts.

Companies, Spanish or otherwise were building holiday resorts and tourists were flocking to them.

Spanish Translation for Golf Resorts

The Spanish term “Campo de Golf” does not always refer solely to a golf club or course.

Rather it refers to an entire residential complex.

These are places where people can rent or purchase properties.

They tend to live there permanently although shorter stays are also popular.

I translate the advertising and marketing information for such “villages”.

The target audience are often ex pats or anyone who wants to live in an English speaking environment within Spain.

Some of my first work was translating Spanish text to English for such resorts.

At that time creating a good translation was not without its difficulties.

The business owners provided texts in Spanish.

It became complex because the consortiums of investors may have been from various countries.

They may not have always spoken Spanish.

Yet they needed advertising text in Spanish.

My personal opinion was that these Spanish texts worked very well for Spanish people.

They were written in a way that was attractive to Spanish people.

However, they did not always engage the English speaker.

I met and listened to British people and they frequently said that they need more hard information up front.

Nonetheless, the more emotional text was also useful for capturing people’s imagination.

Therefore, my work was partly translating and partly recreating.

Developing Spanish Translation for Advertising

When you first start as a translator there is a tendency to be very excited about what you know.

You look at the Spanish text and even before you start translating you see ways you could re write it.

Thus, before translating Spanish to English you are forming an idea of what the text means.

From your first reading you establish the key points.

So far so good.

In fact, reading and questioning is encouraged.

Simply reading without seeking a perfect understanding is not much good.

However, when it comes to translating you have to put the brakes on.

When you translate actually you are showing a person’s ideas in a new language.

Because of this you can’t award yourself the freedom to completely re interpret the source language.

There is an absolute obligation to translate what the author has said, not what you think they should have said.

However, that does not mean that you can remain silent if you think it won’t work in the target language.

Even worse if it could cause problems, I think that you should share you concerns with your client.

Spanish Translation Virtual Support

Spanish Translation Virtual Support

In this article I am going to explain my Spanish Translation Virtual Support Service.

Essentially this means helping communication between individuals and businesses.

This can be business to business, business to customer, customer to business.

Let us consider how this works in practice.

Business to Business Virtual Support

You are a company based in Britain and you need to communicate with a company in a Spanish speaking country.

Much of your communication may be by e mail, fax or letter.

I can help with all of those.

However, there may be times when you need to talk to the other company.

I can help you with phone calls and video conference calls using Zoom, for example.

To do this effectively I will need to have a very good understanding of your company.

Rather than rely on my own research of your sector I prefer to talk directly with you.

Understanding of your precise products are services is far more useful to me than generalised sector information.

Additionally, it would be very helpful if you can tell me what you expect to hear from the other company.

Virtual support in different time zones

There is a 1 hour time difference between Spain and Britain.

As such it is quite easy for me to make a phone call on your behalf.

The UK is 4 hours ahead of Argentina.

This does not present any major problem.

A 2.00pm UK phone call is received at 10.00am in Argentina.

Thus, with careful planning I can help with communications to all Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish Translation Autopsy Reports

Spanish Translation Autopsy Reports

Spanish Translation Autopsy Reports. In this article I will explain my Spanish autopsy reports translation service.

I provide this particular translation service where someone has passed in Spain.

The person may be British or Spanish or indeed from any country.

Given that the person passes in Spain all pertinent documents are in Spanish.

The nature of the passing will determine the number and complexity of documents.

Translation of death from natural causes

In this case the documents are all medical.

These may be a preliminary autopsy report followed by a full autopsy report.

Defining what amounts to natural causes is not so straightforward.

Or at least it does not seem to be clearly defined.

The generally accepted idea is that naturally causes includes death as a consequence of an internal illness.

Translation of a violent death

These do not necessarily relate to a violent crime.

In Spain a traffic accident is recorded as a violent death.

I find these reports to be some of the most upsetting to translate.

In such cases there will often be the following documents.

Police report

Forensic Physician report

Preliminary autopsy report

Full autopsy report

The translation work in such cases is both medical and legal.

Certifying autopsy report translations

I provide a signed, stamped certification to accompany all autopsy documentation translations.

Contact me

Please either send me an e mail or phone me if that is easier for you.

All details are at my contact page.

This is a very difficult time indeed.

My responsibility is to keep calm and highly professional at all times.

I hope you will not interpret that as a cold response.

To avoid adding to your burden I focus on my translation service.


Spanish Translation Returning British

Spanish Translation Returning British

Spanish Translation Returning British.

In this post I am going to focus on Spanish translation for British people returning from Spain.

I will discuss how I can help you with a range of translation services.


Some British people are returning to Britain after several years in Spain.

In some cases, this may be connected with Brexit.

I cannot comment on current developments regarding Brexit.

However I can help you with certain aspects of your return to Britain.

Spanish document translations for returning British.

If you have lived in Spain for several years it is likely that you will have several documents that need translating.

Each case is different.

If you retired to Spain you may have purchased a property.

You may have received medical care.

It is possible that you may have founded a company.

This could have been alone or with other individuals.

Additionally, you may have records of economic activity.

Hopefully on returning to Britain you can revert to British life quite easily.

In an ideal situation you would not need to seek translation of any of your documents.

If you do however, I want to help you.

You might like to visit my page on legal translation.

I explain some of the legal translation services that I offer.

My medical translation page explains how I can help with medical records and hospital discharge reports.

Spanish translation returning British working age

Not all British people go to Spain to retire.

A great many work in Spain.

This could be on a freelance basis.

Equally you may be employed by a British or Spanish company.

It is not at all rare for British people to marry and start a family in Spain.

As such you may have marriage and birth certificates.

I provide a signed stamped certified translation service for all kinds of Spanish certificates.

Getting in touch

Please feel free to send me an e mail at my contact page.

Perhaps list the documents that you may need to translate.

Some clients like to attach the documents but you may prefer to talk first.

Please also feel free to simply telephone to discuss the translations.

Spanish Food Wine Translation

Spanish Food Wine Translation

In this post I am going to discuss my Spanish Food Wine Translation.

My interest in Spanish culinary delights is lifelong.

However, my interest in translating in this sector started in 1990.

Two parts of my working life came together.

I was living in Cartagena in the region of Murcia.

That is the South East Mediterranean coast.

Agriculture is very important in the region of Murcia.

As is tourism especially along the Costa Cálida.

As such I was in an area with strong agriculture and tourism.

Spanish food producers language services.

I used to teach English to agricultural companies in the region.

These companies exported the land produce to to Britain.

They provided to major British supermarkets.

Because of this they needed industry specific language skills.

To deliver such classes I needed to learn about their specific sector.

This meant that I had to learn food names and find ways to describe their characteristics in English.

Spanish Wine Translation

Murcia produces its own wines.

These were very popular and respected in Spain.

However, the wine producers wanted to export wines of Murcia.

My job was to create exciting information in the English language.

To a certain extent I had to translate a Spanish wine text.

Yet at the same time I had to develop the ideas to make the wine appealing outside of Spain.

Naturally, the only real way to decide what you think of a wine is to taste it.

But my Spanish Wine Translation service helped to introduce the wine.

Spanish Food Translation for tourism

Back in 1990 I was working a great deal with the tourism sector.

I have to be honest.

At first, I was amused or perhaps shocked at the English used in restaurant menus etc.

It was as if the hospitality sector did not think that proper descriptions in English were important.

Perhaps in a way they were sometimes right.

At that time not all visitors to Spain were equally interested in Spanish cuisine.

Spanish people would say that tourists seemed to prefer their own food while in Spain.

So, I did not find it easy to encourage professional Spanish Food and Wine Translation.

However, the idea did gradually grow.

Consequently, using my developing knowledge of Spanish food and wine producers I could provide useful accurate translations.