Baccalaureate Certificate Spanish Translation

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Baccalaureate Certificate Spanish Translation

Baccalaureate Certificate Spanish Translation.

We provide translation of the Spanish Baccalaureate Certificate and Grades.

If you have studied in Spain whether you are Spanish or of any nationality, we can help you.

No doubt you will have passed examinations within the Spanish education system.

The Spanish baccalaureate is just one of the academic levels that we translate.

Typically, there is a simple one page certificate but you may also have a document showing your subjects and grades.

The subjects themselves will depend on the branch of specialisation within the baccalaureate syllabus.

Baccalaureate Certificate Spanish Translation, Signed, Stamped, Certified.

We provide a signed, stamped, certified translation of the Spanish Baccalaureate Certificate, subjects and grades.

This is important.
Our clients want to know that our translation will be accepted by British authorities.

Yes, indeed they are.

In Britain the term used is certified translation but in Spain it is sworn translation.

They amount to much the same thing.
However, the crucial point is that our work is always accepted.
Not surprisingly, this is key to our clients and gives them a great deal of peace of mind.

Translation of Spanish Baccalaureate subjects

Some of our clients are concerned to know if we are familiar with the Spanish Education System and specifically the subjects within Baccalaureate.

Indeed we are.
The translation of subjects is usually quite straightforward.

Either there are equivalent areas of study within the English education curriculum, or the Spanish subject is perfectly easy to understand and translate.

If you have studied an equivalent course in another country, you may well have a document that provides validation of your course.

The one page certificates are usually quite similar, but they are not identical.

When the certificate was issued (recently or some time back) may affect the layout of the certificate.

Likewise, sometimes the certificates vary slightly from one region to another.

Spanish Baccalaureate Branches and Structure

School students in Spain choose to follow one of three branches of baccalaureate.

These are: Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts.

Whichever area they choose there are three types of subjects.

Core subjects: These subjects are fundamental to the basic study.
However, within this block there are also optional core subjects.

Specific subjects: As the name suggests these are the subjects that are specific to each branch.
They provide a deeper understanding of the key areas of study within each branch.

Free choice: This is where students have the opportunity to work on their own personal preferences.

We now discuss each of the baccalaureate branches in greater detail.

Ultimately you will need a professional translation of your certificate and or subjects and grades.

However, we hope that this section helps you to recognise your Spanish subject names in English.

We do not list every single option that is available.

Rather we give a general impression of the Spanish baccalaureate.
We translate all areas and specific subjects.
Hence if you do not see your specific subject below, we do still translate it. 

The branch of science

For the first year:

Core subjects are typically Philosophy, Spanish Language and Literature I, Mathematics I and First Foreign Language I.

Optional core subjects would be Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing I.

Specific subjects would be Applied Anatomy, Scientific Culture, Physical Education, Information and Communication Technologies I.
It is also possible that you may have taken Second Foreign Language I, Religion.

For the second year:

Typical core subjects are Mathematics II, First Foreign Language II, Spanish Language and Literature II, History of Spain.

The optional core subjects would be Biology, Physics, Geology, Chemistry, Technical Drawing II.

Specific subjects will include Technical Drawing II, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Religion, Second Foreign Language II, Fundamentals of Administration and Management.

The branch of Social Science and Humanities

For the first year:

Core subjects: Within the first year, students study Philosophy, Spanish Language and Literature I, First Foreign Language I, Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences I. Latin is also available.

Optional core subjects are Economics, Contemporary World History, Universal Literature, Greek I is available.

The specific subjects tend to be the same as those offered within the science branch.

For the second year:

Core subjects: History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature II, First Foreign Language II, Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences II and Latin II.

Optional core subjects are Business Economics, Geography, History of Art, History of Philosophy, Greek II.

Once again, the Specific subjects are the same as for the Science branch.

The branch of the Arts

For the first year:

Core subjects: Fundamentals of Art I, Spanish Language and Literature I, Foreign Language I, Philosophy.

Optional core subjects: Audio visual Culture I, Contemporary World History, Universal Literature.

Specific subjects are the same as above.

For the second year:

Core subjects: Fundamentals of Art II, History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature II, First Foreign Language II.

Core options: Performing Arts, Audio visual Culture II, Design.

Specific subjects, once again the same as above.

Our translation service for all areas of Spanish education

The baccalaureate is only one of the areas of Spanish education that we translate.
We cover each and every area of study within Spain and all South American countries.

Our page on Official Translations of Spanish Certificates provides more information on these kinds of translations.