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Spanish Tutor Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire

I am a Spanish tutor and obtained the official state Spanish qualification for teaching Spanish.

After years in secondary and adult education I now give Spanish classes for adults online and in person.


The Importance of Medical Translation

In this article I will discuss the importance of medical translation.

I give examples of great medical achievements.


English to Spanish Translation

In this article I will discuss English to Spanish translation.

English to Spanish translation requirements are on the increase and it is perhaps not altogether surprising.


Spanish Language Teaching in the UK.

In this article I will look at Spanish language teaching in the UK.

The teaching of Spanish language and indeed Spanish culture has in recent years achieved a prominent place in the British education system.

I focus on Spain because it is the country I know best.

Nothing in this article should be seen as excluding any other Spanish speaking country.


Christmas Celebrations in Spain

Spanish people like to have a good time, they love their food and drink but more so they cherish their traditions and Christmas time is a good example of that.