Academic Translation Spanish to English

We translate all Spanish academic documents to English for British authorities.

We provide signed, stamped certifications of our translations and these comply with British Home Office regulations.

This covers everything from Primary School up to and including PhD and post doctorial research.

This aspect of our translation work is most important at this time as Spanish people continue to enter the UK looking for work and they often urgently need to have their Spanish academic records translated into English.

Recently we have been very happy to be able to help many Spanish people by providing translations of all of their school and university documents whether these be their certificates or the documents giving the details of the subjects that they have studied and the grades that they have obtained.

Because we have lived many long years in Spain and worked within the Spanish education system, we feel that we are ideally placed to fully understand the subjects and Spanish academic grading system.

We are aware that these translations can get a little expensive so we try very hard to find ways to offer discounts.

The same basic principal exists for our academic translations.

If you ask for the translation of more than one document, we will offer you a discount.

By providing a professional translation service that complies with British authorities’ requirements and regulations and offering the lowest fee that we can, at least in a small way we hope that we can help the Spanish people who are trying to set up a life here in Britain.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote or to make an enquiry.