Academic Equivalence Spain/UK

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In this post we explain academic equivalence.

This is to help Spanish people entering the U.K.

We explain how our translation is useful and provide information on ENIC

The importance of ENIC for academic equivalence.

ENIC (the UK National Information Centre for Recognition and Evaluation of International Qualifications and Skills) is the British official body that provides academic equivalence.

That is to say they decide if your qualifications are recognised here in Britain.

Translation for academic equivalence

Translators do not represent British authorities.

Therefore, we cannot confirm if ENIC will accept your qualifications as equivalent.

Nonetheless our translations are helpful to you.

When you apply for a job, we hope that ENIC will have given you equivalence.

This would be ideal.

However, competition for jobs is fierce.

As such employers seek clarity on your abilities and experience.

Equivalence of Spanish qualifications alone may not suffice.

Spanish translation support

A good translation provides you with a useful tool.

You can use the English terminology in your application.

Translators do not provide equivalence of academic qualifications.

However, we do provide translations of your academic documents.

We find the best English terms to translate your subject areas.

Thus, our translation is accurate and faithful to the original.

Our translation will help you to present your professional skills properly to the British authorities and employers.

An example of academic equivalence and translation

You have graduated in Spain as a secondary school teacher.

Although you could take the Spanish entry examination called ‘oposición’ you have decided to come to Britain.

Your plan is to teach in a British school.

The system in Britain is different to Spain.

As you know in Spain once you have passed the ‘oposición’ examination you apply for jobs.

Certainly, you can give a location preference but not a specific school.

In Britain you apply directly to the school.

The headteacher really wants to get to know you at the interview.

She will want to know what you most enjoyed in your studies and why you love teaching.

Our translation of your subjects with grades will help you to talk about your interests.

We have more than 30 years of experience of translating Spanish academic qualifications to English.

British authorities have always accepted our translations.

Translating grades for academic equivalence

We can provide a glossary to accompany the translation.

This can be useful when Spanish and British academic grading systems and terminology are different as indeed, they often are.

For example, Spanish examination grades are often expressed in words such as “Sobresaliente”, “Notable”, “Bien”, “Aprobado”, “Suficiente” etc.

The British system however, uses letters such as A*, A, B, C etc.

We must not tell ENIC that it should consider “Sobresaliente” to have the same meaning as A* or how “Matrícula de Honor” should be considered.

Nonetheless, we can provide a helpful glossary with suggested comparable terminology.

We will provide a signed, stamped certification to accompany your translation.

We do this in accordance with British government regulations on certifying translations.

Please read our page on Certified Translation.

If you need a translation from Spanish to English of your academic documents, please contact us and we will provide you with a no obligation quote and timescale for completion of the work.