Academic Equivalence Spain/UK

Academic Equivalence is provided by NARIC (National Academic Recognition and Information Centre).

Recently a client approached me and asked me if I could provide Academic Equivalence for his qualifications gained in Spain.

I feel that the subject could use some clarification.

We translators do not provide equivalence of academic qualifications.

We provide translations of the academic document and we aim to find the best equivalent term from one language to another.

Thus, it is our duty to provide the very best translation for one language to another so that the authorities such as NARIC for example have the necessary information in English that enables them to look at the request for academic equivalence.

Put another way if say for example someone qualified as a secondary school teacher in Spain the translator cannot tell the British authorities whether they should or should not permit that Spanish qualified teacher to teach in Britain.

So, certainly the service provided by translators will be essential in the process of applying for recognition of qualifications but we are not in a position to advise on equivalence.

The good news is that we have been translating Spanish academic qualifications to English for about 30 years and in that time our translations have always been acceptable to the various British authorities.

Sometimes if our clients find it helpful, we can provide a glossary to accompany the translation.

This can be useful when Spanish and British academic grading systems and terminology are different as indeed, they often are.

For example Spanish examination grades are often expressed in words such as “Sobresaliente”, “Notable”, “Bien”, “Aprobado”, “Suficiente” etc but the British system uses letters such as A*, A, B, C etc.

The problem here is that we cannot tell NARIC for example that it should consider “Sobresaliente” to have the same meaning as A* or how “Matrícula de Honor” should be considered.

What we do is to provide a helpful glossary with suggested comparable terminology.

Whatever you need it is almost certain that you will need a signed, stamped certification and as members of the Chartered Institute Of Linguists we can provide this.

If you need a translation from Spanish to English of your academic documents please contact us and we will provide you with a no obligation quote and timescale for completion of the work.