About us

Spanish Translation Service

We specialise in the translation of documents from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

We are a professional team of highly qualified Spanish translators and Spanish interpreters with a passion for the Spanish and English languages.

Unlike other multilingual translation companies, we only translate the Spanish language so you can be assured of the highest quality when it comes to the translation of your documents.

History behind the Spanish Translation Service

Spanish Translation Service was founded in Spain in 1989 by a group of Spanish and British University MA and PhD graduates.

Our aim was to provide an affordable, approachable and friendly translation service.

We are a small company of sixteen individuals based in Spain and the UK.

We decided not to expand or take on translators worldwide so we could concentrate on offering the highest possible quality to our clients.

Clients and our work

In the early days we had three main types of client:

  • Spanish scientists and other academics who needed their work translated into English so that it could be published.
  • British people living in Spain who needed our help to translate medical and legal documents.
  • The Spanish and British Tourism industry who used our translation services to translate publicity brochures and interpret at promotional events.

Since then our clients and their translation requirements have diversified to the extent that we are now experienced in the translation of almost any type of document you can imagine!

What has not changed is the people we are. We are first and foremost linguists with a passion for the Spanish and English languages and the cultures of both countries.

Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your translation needs.